Your Southern Belle!!!
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About Belle...

My Interview in Big Butt Magazine November 2004

URLs for print:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 186 lb.
Age: 31
DOB: 9-28-73
Bust: 36dd
Waist: 31
Hips: 47
Hair color, length and style (i.e. curly? straight? wavy?):
(Normally) straight/wavy
(At time of photo shoot) straight
Eye color: (Do you wear colored contacts? Did you for the shoot?)
No contacts.  Blue eyes.
Clothing size: 16-18
Shoe size: 8.5
Pantyhose size: Queen or Queen Plus in Leggs
Panty size and type of panty you usually wear: I like to wear size 8 in panties and my favorite kind are the shiny, silky feeling panties.

How did your photo shoot go?

Excellent! I had so much fun with Don Sparks, my photographer. He has a great way of making us models feel comfortable and real great about ourself too. I am anxiously waiting for him to call me back for another shoot. I would do it again in a heartbeat and this time I wouldn't be nervous at all before hand.

Where do you live?

I live in the South East USA.

Who are you?

I am Belle and my website can be found on the Internet at It is run by me and yes I do my own emails! I get asked that often!!

Are you married?
If so, how old is he? How long have you been married? etc.

I am married. I married young at 19 in 1992. I married a man who is about 4 years older then me. He is very supportive of my website and luckily not a jealous guy at all. We do meet fans and he is very easy going, laid back. Any fan I have met would agree.

Did anyone inspire you to get into this business?
If so, who? Or what?

Well several years ago in about 1997 I got my first computer. Well, I found myself on a chat program which is where I met a few guy-friends to chat with. Well, I then got a webcam and started taking my pictures with my webcam and sending them to guys. They got naughtier and naughtier! They convinced me I'd do well posting my pictures to websites so I tried that. Made lots of new fans, and that is when I created a MSN community for me and my fans. Well I kept running out of storage space on that community so I closed it and came back about 6 months later with my website!! That was over 2 years ago. Probably by the time this is published I will be online 3 years. I have totally enjoyed having my website. It has been so much fun for me and very good for me too. The comments I get in email are just what keeps me going. Thanks to each of you who email me and give me such nice letters to read. I love getting snailmails too. Thanks to each of you!!

I was in LegShow Cyberwives April, 2004. That was my first magazine appearance. I got wonderful email and snailmail from that and I look forward to seeing the response from this photoshoot for Big Butt. I hope you really enjoy my big juicy butt.

What does your family think of your job?

Well, so far they are not aware. I'd like to keep it that way!! I was raised and taught differently then I am living as a adult. But I do feel I am an adult who can make my own decisions for myself and I feel this is a great thing for me personally to do. Might not be right for some people but it is right for me and I have no regrets. I have taken this very slowly, and thought everything out for months and years before actually doing it. It is not something I have done for money. It is something I do because I enjoy it, and that is what makes me who I am.

What is the best gift you have received from a fan?

Every gift is a great gift! I would hate to answer this. I appreciate every gift even if it is a card in the mail. It makes me very happy and I am grateful for any attention I receive from my fans.

What is the worst gift you have received from a fan?

Again I would not want to answer this question. All gifts are great!
Where can we see you on the web? In video? In print?

You can see me in still pictures, and video clips at, also while you are there you can check out the Videos I have available for you to enjoy at home. I love to know you are jacking off while watching me. It is totally arousing for me to think about what you are doing, so feel free to tell me all about it!

Tell me what a guy can get if he goes to your web site:

When you come to my website you will see thousands of pictures of me and hundreds of video clips. There are lots of free pictures, hundreds in the gallery page on my site so check it out. It is a lot of Artwork that fans have made for me, I put it there. There are erotic stories at my site that fans have written to me, I post them on my site with the contributor's permission. You may purchase my worn panties, thongs, pantyhose, socks, stockings, knee highs, shoes on my site in the page called Belle's Closet. I constantly update my site 5 times a week with new content. I am very good touch with my fans, always posting pictures from my trips I take, anything I do in my life, you really get to follow me in my adventures. For instance, today I just posted pictures from behind the scenes of my photoshoot yesterday. I do my best to make you feel as close to me as I can, which is why I open up so much of my life on my site.

Tell me what might be found in your member's section of your site:

In my members area you will find a lot of things. My site has a large variety from foot sex to facesitting, to sitting on things, crushing them with my ass. As well as fetish sex stuff the typical stuff is also on my site such as Blowjobs, creampies, Sex, Lesbian shoots, facials, having my pussy eaten, etc. I am very open minded to fetishes. As long as I feel like the majority of members will enjoy something I do it for you. All you do is fill out the form on the Member Requests page to give me your request. I love to show off my butt in panties, thongs, girdle panties, pantyhose, and bare ass as well. My favorite part is always when I spread my ass cheeks and taking a nice picture of my pussy and tight ass hole for you to watch me and stroke and cum shooting your jizz all over my picture!

Do you find that people have negative feelings toward you because of your web site?

I feel that some people might have negative feelings. I just wish everyone was as open minded as I am and realize to each his own. While one woman might enjoy gardening, the next woman can enjoy showing off her body and that is just fine! I am the farthest thing from judgmental and I wish others were the same.

Do you have anything for sale? Pictures? Videos? Panties? Etc?

Yes I do. I have all the above for sale on my site at With the panties and thongs I make them as you want them. When you place the order you tell me what scent and stain you want and that is what I give you. I take pride in the things I ship and do my very best to please you!

Name of your first movie. What made you decide to do it?

My first video is called just that "My First Video." It was made for the purpose of selling it and making it my first ever video. It was made with 2 girlfriends, is mostly lesbian and a small part of it has 2 guys join in the fun. One cums on my tits while my girlfriend licks his cum off my tits. It is a hot scene, my favorite part of that movie is when the guys join in.

How do you feel performing on camera?

I feel sexy, it turns me on, I fantasize of what you fans are doing while looking at me and that is what gets me off!

What has life been like for you, being a thick girl? I never did like being thicker in school. I would sit beside other girls and compare my legs and body to other girls and I always knew I was so much thicker and there was nothing I could do about it. I have always been thicker, never been a skinny girl. One of my friends, Lorie says she used to be a thin toothpick body til she had her kids. Well I have never been like that. I always was developed and I remember as a teenager going to the mall with my friends and me always getting hit on by older men. They thought I was "of age" at 14. I had my tits, and ass, and curves already then. I started my period at 10 so I was just an earlier developed woman!

This may sound strange but, what part of your body do you love the most because you are thick - meaning - what part do you love that you wouldn't have if you were size 2 thin?

I am not sure I understand the question but I think it means what would I not want to lose, well I would not want to lose my shapely legs, my big tits, or my big butt. What I would want to lose is just the extra flab on my stomach and legs but I am proud of my shape and curves and have learned with my website it is actually desirable. That is why my site is so good for me. It has taught me a lot!

Do you use your body to your advantage?

Absolutely!! Why wouldn't I?

Are you straight, Lesbian, or bisexual?

I am Bi with the right woman. A woman could never replace a man though to me. She can just make sex more interesting but nothing can take the place of a man's dick and body. No strapon or dildo will ever be equal to the real thing.

If bisexual or Lesbian when did you first realize your female proclivities?

I first realized it when I first got on the Internet. I found myself looking at women's pictures and I then realized I was attracted to women.

Do you prefer men or women? Why?

Like I said above I prefer men definitely. There is nothing like the real thing baby!

You have a chance to participate in a threesome... Whom do you pick first, the man or the woman and why?

I'd want the man in the 3some. As I said above it is a turn on to me to feel a cock, to be close to a cock, to have my hands around it playing at first. Then sucking it and then fucking it. That is totally exciting and turns me on just writing about it!

Tell me about your first bisexual experience.

My first bi experience was with "Jean." We met on the Internet, posted our pictures at the same place and that is where we found each other. We finally got together to meet, have fun, and take pictures. We were in the bathtub and that is where we kissed for the first time. She was a good teacher. It is a memory I will never forget when she took charge and laid the kiss on me, then sucked my tits. Finally I sat up on the edge of the tub and she licked and sucked my pussy so good!! After I returned the favor in the tub we moved to the living room floor to really roll around. They are great memories - and yes, we both came!!

Oral sex, do you prefer giving or receiving? Why?

I prefer both. I love to give and also love to receive when the person knows what they are doing. It is hard to figure out eating pussy, how to do it correctly and I know all us women are different so you really have to know your partner to know what works well.

Describe in detail HOW you give a man head. Deepthroat? 69? Swallow?

I love to give head! What I do is start licking his cock slowly, making it hard, running my tongue from the base to the head. When it is hard I begin sucking deep, and fast, when it is real wet I use my hand and jerk it while going down to the balls to lick and suck them both. Licking and sucking them real good, then slowly move my way back up the shaft, using my hand on the wet balls now as I take the cock deep down my throat, all the way, fuck it real good with my mouth. The way I love to finish it off is with a facial or cum on my tits or ass or anywhere!! I just love to see the results of it which is why I prefer not to swallow but to see it! Yes I have swallowed though!

Do you like anal and why?

Anal is great especially when I am in my slut mood in the mood to get fucked and I fantasize of hot double penetration. I have found when I cum with anal sex it is so much more intense of a orgasm than otherwise.

Describe your favorite fuck position.

My favorite fuck position? That would be doggy style. I love it that way. I love to feel my ass jiggle as I rock back and forth. I love to get fucked real hard in doggy position and love a hot load of cum shot on my ass and to feel it dripping down my asshole and pussy, that feels so good, hot cum on my pussy!

Do you consider yourself a nymphomaniac?

"Moist" definitely I do!! I would say I can't get enough!

Are you into Voyeurism? Do you like watching yourself on video? In mirrors? How does it make you feel?

I am into watching others and also am into them watching me. I don't like to watch myself in videos though but mirrors in the bedroom would be nice. I do like to go to swing clubs and watch others having sex and I also enjoy being watched. That is part of my fantasy when I fantasize so yes I am very exhibitionist and also a voyeur.

Have you ever done Double Penetration? Why or Why not?

Yes I have had double penetration and I totally love that feeling of being totally filled up!

Describe an outfit in your closet that makes you feel most sexy and why?

Sorry but I don't really have a specific outfit. To me anything I wear in shoots makes me feel sexy. My favorite shoes are these that I wore in this shoot, they are platforms and open toes to show off my pretty toes. The platform gives me some height which I need!

Deepest darkest secret:

My website! Haha!

The sexiest part about me is my...

I think the sexiest part of me is my tits, butt, eyes, feet, legs, and pussy. That is what I get most compliments of.

Do you prefer yourself shaved or natural? What about your partners?

I prefer myself shaved lips but a little hair up top. That is how I am most of the time unless I fill someone's request to grow it out or to shave completely. This is how I like my partner as well. Not totally shaved but the lips or balls be shaved and still have hair up top.

In the opposite sex (or a potential sex partner) I first look for...

My Turn ons are: Face, eyes, lips, mouth, shoulders, chest, what's inside the pants? Can I see it? How big is it? Etc. Then as he walks away I check out his ass.

My Turn offs are:

Cocky, arrogant, conceited, a know-it-all kind of person.

Describe a favorite fantasy.

My favorite fantasy... I have a few but I guess the top one is having numerous guys around me, in a gangbang, each taking his turn cumming on my body. Because of HIV, and the fear of disease, unfortunately I think this will always be just that, a fantasy.

Do you get off on watching porno movies?

Yes my very favorite one is Behind the Green Door. Thanks to Glynn for sharing that movie with me, it has been my favorite for years now. It really gets me going. Now that you know my fantasy you understand why I like it. To be in Marilyn's shoes in that movie - OMG!!! I would have loved that!

How long is your tongue? Is it pierced? Do you know how to use it?

Not sure how long it is but it is long enough! I sure do know how to use it! Mmmmm!!! It used to be pierced but only for a month. It never would heal so I pulled it out after a month of it burning. I did give a few blowjobs while having it, and he said it was great.

Do you have any other piercings or tattoos? Where?

No my ears are pierced but that is all. No tattoos. I am not big into tattoos.

Do you masturbate? How often?

Daily masturbation is what keeps me semi-satisfied! If I can I do it daily. I have several favorite toys. My blue vibrator is nice, my different sized dildos are all nice, and my latest g-spot toy is very nice too. Feels real great! My fantasy when I masturbate is the fantasy of you watching me, and jerking off with me. Of course us doing the real thing together would be the best!!!

Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?

Yes I have several times!! The best and most memorable, I was staying in a cabin in the mountains and we started off me masturbating, and him watching me. Well I had an extremely good orgasm, and the thought of my cabin neighbors watching me knowing what was going on was what really set me off!! After me cumming we had sex and it was some great sex that night!

What do you sleep in?

Nothing usually. Sometimes short shorts and tank top, in the winter when it is cold I have a Victoria's Secret long sleeve short gown I like to wear. It is warm and cozy. I don't wear anything long though. That would be annoying in bed.

Do you get an erotic thrill by talking about your sex life like we are right now?

Yes I absolutely do. This is a huge turn on to me. I am having fun!!


Yes I do have multiple orgasms. I think it could almost be endless. There are times though I have had enough and can't be touched anymore. I always hate when that happens!


No I have not mastered squirting. Still trying to figure that out!

What is the most sensitive part of your body?

My neck, the back of my neck, my inner thighs, my toes, soles, my ass and pussy. I love it all as you can tell, it is easy to turn me on! hehe

Do you answer all of your email/correspondence or does someone else do it for you?

I answer every email I get unless it is spam or rude to me. Sometimes even rude people get a response - Yes I do it all. I am 100% real here and my husband doesn't do my emails. Many people have told me about different people who haven't gotten back with them or they can tell it isn't them writing. Well when you write me you can tell it is me. I have a certain way of talking and little habits in my writing, you will know it. It is a lot like this right here that I am writing, it's very "Me."

How do you see yourself (sexually) in 10 years? Still doing this?

Yes I can see myself still sexually adventurous and showing off in 10 years, as long as I have fans I'll be doing it!

What would you like to say to all of the fans in closing?

In closing I would just like to say a Thank you to each of my fans. You are what has put me here. You are what keeps me going. Each of you who have been through everything with me, all my ups and downs. You see me through it all and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here posing. I thank you all for your friendship and support. The supportive emails I get every day are just so wonderful! It is what I look forward to every day. To those of you who snailmail me, Thank you too! It means so much to me to open my box and get a letter from you telling me what you are thinking, loving your kind thoughts and your naughty thoughts. I love it all. Please keep it cumming to me!

Thanks for reading this about me and I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I had a blast doing this for you. Come visit my site sometime, or if you don't have Internet you can get my products. Just snailmail me at the address I gave for fanmail. I love all my fans so much!

Bonus Questions:

What do you like to drink?

Juicy Juice, Mountain Dew, and any fruity alcoholic drinks.

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?

Yes I sure have!! I love the feeling of being naughty and nude in a public place. I love getting away with stuff like that!

Favorite color?

I like Purple a lot. I don't know why but it just makes me feel happy. Also love Pink. Aerosmith might have something to do with that color though! hehe

Have You ever been convicted of a crime?

No I sure haven't!

Best on-line friends?

Gosh I have too many to list. I'd hate to leave anyone out so I better just leave it with this. Thanks to all my great friends. You each know who you are! They range from different girls with websites to my guyfriends who have been with me from the start, to my newer fans turned into great friends. I have many good friends and love them all! My kisses all over each of you!!!

Craziest or silliest person you know?


You are traveling across the country in a crowded train. Time goes by and you are getting very horny. You can't stop the raging thoughts in your head. Your panties begin to moisten and you retreat into daydreams of great sex. The train is practically empty when you emerge from your trance and you notice that all that is left is the conductor, you and a handsome man a couple of rows ahead of you. Your libido is racing and you have an hour to kill. What do you do?

I would have to go sit with him, talk to him, show him some cleavage, legs, and ass, and see if he accepts my invite. I would wrap my legs around his legs, straddling him and would love to feel him inside me, taking a ride on his lap!

You were just signed with a major adult filmmaker, you have creative control over the entire picture and YOU are the star. What would the title be?

48 Hours with Your Southern Belle

You are home alone on a Saturday night, what is the first thing you reach for? Why?

My vibrator would be nice. If I am home alone I always enjoy getting myself off!

You are going on Survivor. What is your luxury item that you take with you?

A vibrator!! It is a must have!!

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